The Legacy of Raja Nahar Singh Palace: Tales of Valor and Royalty in 2024

Raja Nahar Singh Palace

Most of my Indian visitors know about famous Udaipur Palace, the king Maharana Pratap’s but have you ever heard about Raja Nahar Singh palace. As all of you know that Maharana Pratap is considered a hero in Rajasthan for his resistance to the Mughal Empire, and he is remembered for his bravery and military skills. But Have you ever heard a king of Ballabhgarh is also worth remembering for his bravery in the revolt of Sepoy Mutiny. Let’s dive into the legacy of this king and his palace.

Step into History: Raja Nahar Singh Palace Revealed

Nahar Singh Mahal is situated at Ballabhgarh in Faridabad district of Haryana.This fort was built by the forefathers of the king Nahar Singh around 1739 AD, and after whom Ballabgarh was named, the construction however continued in parts till about 1850. The fort is also known as Raja Nahar Singh Palace.

Ballabgarh fort palace and is known for its unique architecture.The palace holds a Darbar-e-aam(Hall of audience ) and a rang mahal decorated with beautiful chhatris.

The Untold Stories Behind The Palace

Raja Nahar Singh played a pivotal role in the revolt of Indian Rebellion in 1957. A champion of Hindu Muslim unity and farsightedness, Raja Nahar Singh tried his best to bring under a common flag all native rulers especially Begum Sumro, Gurgaon, Nawab of Jhajjar, Farukhnagar and Rewari.

He organised a secret meeting in the fort at the time of Kartik mela. This was attended by Tantiya Tope, Raja Krishan Gopal, Rewari, Mangal Pandey and Raja of Gwalior. The Mughal Emperor Bahadur Shah–II, appointed Raja Nahar Singh as the Internal Administrator of Delhi, who executed his position faithfully and repulsed successive British attacks on Delhi in the battles of Hindon and Badli-ki-Sarai.

The King’s Death due to the British Conspiracy

Raja Nahar Singh safeguarded Delhi strongly from the east and southern sides. But the British forcefully entered Delhi through the Kashmiri gate from the west. By the way They arrested the emperor Bahadur Shah. Raja Nahar Singh wanted to bring the emperor to Ballabhgarh.

Nahar Singh had retired to his stronghold in Ballabhgarh after the emperor was arrested. The British emissaries went to Ballabhgarh with white flags and asked for peace talks which would result in a settlement with the Mughal Emperor.

Nahar Singh trusted the British and left for Delhi with 500 horses and troopers. As soon as he entered Delhi, he was ambushed by an English force and captured. His escort soldiers were also butchered mercilessly.

The British general, Hudon offered to spare his life if he apologised to the British Empire for whatever harm he had caused. But like a true patriot, Nahar Singh refused. He was hanged on 9th January, 1858, near the present day fountain in Chandni Chowk at the age of 35.

Exploring the Architectural Marvels of the Palace

Tucked inside a congested market at Faridabad’s Ballabgarh, Nahar Singh Mahal is one of the lesser-known historical palaces in Delhi NCR. This fort has now been renovated into a beautiful palace having 6 Air conditioned rooms, restaurant, bar and lounge, courtyard, garden and other spectacular architectural masterpieces and has been converted into a motel-cum-restaurant by Haryana tourism department.

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During the Time of Kartick Purnima

The famous Kartik cultural fest is organized here. Also events like weddings, musical nights, exhibitions and others are organized on a regular basis.

Ballabgarh Lake situated nearby is a popular place of picnic and angling. Kartik Cultural Festival, the main fair held in the month of November, is celebrated at Nahar Singh Mahal.

How to reach the Palace:-

At a distance of 41 km from Gurgaon and 5 km from Faridabad, Raja Nahar Singh Palace, famous known as Ballabgarh Fort Palace, is located at Ballabgarh village in Faridabad district of Haryana.

“Take the metro, get down at sant surdas metro station, take an auto for nahar singh palace.”

About Maharaja Nahar Singh Metro Railway Station

Formerly known as Ballabhgarh Metro Station, Raja Nahar Singh Metro Station is the terminating station on the Violet Line of the Delhi Metro. The station is named after martyr Raja Nahar Singh.


1.What is the history of the Ballabhgarh?

The origin of Ballabhgrah State itself goes back to 1705 and Ballabhgarh town and fort were founded in 1739 by Balram Singh, the forefather of Raja Nahar Singh.

2. Who was Raja of Ballabgarh?

Raja Nahar Singh, ruler of the small state of Ballabgarh, played a key role in India’s struggle for Independence.

3. What is PIN code of Ballabgarh?

Ballabgarh Pin Code is 121004.

4.What is the old name of Raja Nahar Singh Metro Station?

Ballabhgarh metro station

5. Who is the father of Raja Nahar?

Raja Nahar Singh was born to Jat King Raja Ram Singh.

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