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Hii, My name is Abhinab Das, the owner of Abhinab Information website.I belong to Odisha, a famous state of India. I am 19 now. I have recently taken admission in Haldia institute of Technology, Haldia, West Bengal through WBJEE counseling. I am a passionate writer and trying a new taste of writing blog on this website. I want to improve my writing and blog day by day. That’s why I am here to give you informative content about travel, lifestyle, health and so on.

About Author Abhinab Das

My Aim of Abhinab Information

My Aim of Abhinab Information

I used to write some poems since my schooldays. I thought to write a book always but had no smart device at that time to write. By the way my both highschool days and college days passed in hostel. I have a aim to showcase my literary talent to the world till yet. But as I belong to a village of Balasore district, I had no opportunity or information to buy any English novels.

After Having My Father’s Smartphone:-

When my father bought his first smartphone in my 9th, I got to know many interesting things from mobile. After all, during Corona days, I already passed my highschool board examination and yet to take admission in residential science colleges. During those days, I was scrolling my Facebook I’d and got a video of a viral blogger of my state earning lacs from website.

Now My Journey of Blogging :-

Now My Blog Journey

At that moment, I thought of a new mindset of starting my blog but couldn’t start because of monetary issue. Still I had a plan till my one drop year after my 12th, now I have started my blog www.abhinabinfo.com two months ago. So please support my site, share my posts and give your blessings and prayers for me.

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