Understanding the Process: How Train Tickets are Upgraded in 2024

My dear audience, Do you know how train tickets are upgraded? Indian Railways tickets get probably costlier as per your travel class in the train on the entire trip. The more luxury and facilities you want, the more fare you have to pay on purchasing a ticket. But did you know that you can enjoy a 3AC class journey with no extra cost by your sleeper class train ticket upgradation ? Sounds a bit exciting, right. Let’s explore behind this train ticket upgradation system.

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Indian Railways has been constantly looking forward to implement new services so as to make train journey smoother and hassle-free for train travellers. The Auto Upgradation Service was launched by the Railways in 2006, and it has been proved to be a win-win scheme for both Railways and train travellers.

What is Auto-Upgradation Service?

What is Auto-Upgradation?

IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) provides auto ‘class upgradation’ option in online tickets. According to IRCTC’s official website irctc.co.in, under this offer, Indian Railways allows waitlisted railway passengers who have paid the full fare for the ticket, to upgrade their ticket to the highest class.

How to opt for Auto Upgradation?

How to opt for Auto-Upgradation

While booking train tickets on irctc portal or any other booking platforms like paytm , you must have noticed a ‘consider for Auto Upgradation’ check box. You need to select it so as to avail the service. You can’t be considered for upgradation unless you tick the checkbox on the respective train ticket booking portal.

Your reserved ticket for a lower class can be upgraded to a higher class for the same train and date, subject to availability of accommodation or berth. This can also be done during the journey by approaching the Traveling Ticket Examiner.

The Probability of Getting a Seat under this Scheme:-

You are likely to get auto upgraded in off season. Chances are also high in short route intercity trains as AC coaches in most of these trains do not have enough bookings and have some vacant berths available.

How Indian Railways benefits from the scheme?

The Indian Railways had come up with this lucrative offer scheme in 2006. It has proven to be beneficial for the IRCTC by utilising the vacant seats in trains. Before this service, seat allocation and utilisation was an issue and now it has been resolved.

When passengers get vacant seats, waitlisted passengers will get the seats. The status of the waitlisted ticket will continue to change, making way for more confirming berths through this scheme.

When and how Auto Upgradation is decided?

Auto Upgradation is computer-generated during chart preparation by Passenger Reservation System (PRS) based on availability of accommodation in the higher class. The passengers for upgradation are selected automatically on random basis by the System at the time of preparation of reservation charts.

What is the cancellation charge for an auto-upgraded ticket?

In case of cancellation of tickets that have been upgraded, cancellation charges of only the original class are refundable.

Rules for IRCTC auto upgradation scheme in train ticket booking  

  1. No biased decision
  2. Waitlisted tickets are upgraded
  3. Only one class above upgradation
  4. Refund policies and cancellation
  5. No change in PNR ( only seat no., Coach no. and Berth no. will be changed)
  6. Maximum passengers to get upgradation:  (No one will get the upgradation if the number of berths available are less than six.)

Exceptions under this Scheme 

  1. Traveller travelling with a concessional ticket:  

If the ticket includes any type of concession availed by unemployed youth, or women of 58 years, or those seeking medical benefits, etc., then the passenger will not get an upgradation.  

2. Free railways pass holder:  

Railway travel passes are issued to Railway employees and the members of their family. Such travellers travelling with a Railway pass will not get an upgradation.  

3. Senior citizen availing concession:  

Indian railways offer senior citizen travellers’ concessions based on their age, which is 60 for men and 58 for women. These travellers will not get an upgradation.  

Auto upgradation is a great scheme introduced by IRCTC. You just have to tick a mark on the column of auto upgradation at the time of booking your tickets, and who knows, you might get upgraded to a higher class, only if seats are vacant in that class, without any extra money.  

Frequently Asked Questions:-

  1. Can I upgrade my 3AC ticket to 2 AC?

Yes you can upgrade your 3rd AC ticket to 2nd AC ticket but in the case you click on auto upgradation while booking ticket from IRCTC app or whosoever do the reservation. The second condition will be that there must be vacant seats in the 2nd AC, then only your ticket will be auto upgraded.

2. Can I upgrade my ticket online?

If you’ve booked your ticket online through the IRCTC website, you can log in and check if there are any upgrades available. If there are, you can pay the difference in fare.

3. Can I ask TTE to upgrade my ticket?

The TTE will allot you a berth in the AC coach if there is a free berth available. The additional fee to be paid for the upgrade is a total of the reservation fee for the upgraded coach.

4. Which is costly 2AC or 3AC?

Ticket fare of this class is comparatively higher than third ac and ac chair car while it is lower than the fares of second ac and first ac classes.

5.What is the fine for 3 tier AC without ticket?

The amount of penalty for travelling in 3AC with a general ticket depends on the railway zone and the rules set by them.

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