Can I travel with waiting list ticket in sleeper class? – 1 Suitable Answer

The answer to this question “Can I travel with waiting list ticket in sleeper class? ” is yes. As per Indian Railways rules, you can travel using the waiting list ticket. . However, to avail of this option you need to get the waiting ticket offline at railway stations. Online unconfirmed tickets are not eligible for this option.

Can I travel with waiting list ticket in sleeper class?

What is waiting list ticket? Can I travel with waiting list ticket in sleeper class ?

This means that there are not confirmed seats available in train and you have to wait for some passengers to cancel their tickets, so that you can avail of a confirmed berth. So it’s genuine that you may have encountered the term ‘waiting list ticket’ or heard about it when you are planning to travel.

Therefore, if your ticket status is WL 2, this means that you are the second on the waiting list, and your ticket will only get confirmed with 2 confirmed passengers canceling their tickets

Types of Waiting List Ticket :-

There are different types of waiting tickets as well. A few of the popular ones are:

What is waiting list ticket? Types of waiting list ticket
  1. General Waiting List Ticket (GNWL):- These are issued when the person’s departure station is closer to that journey’s originating station or the originating station. The most common type of waiting list is the GNWL, and these tickets have a higher chance of getting confirmed.

2. Remote Location Waiting List (RLWL) :- These are tickets provided for stations between the terminating and the originating stations, especially when the journey passes through important towns and cities. Different priority is given for these tickets though these tickets will get confirmed only if another passenger cancels.

3. Pooled Quota Waiting list ticket (PQWL) :- These are usually allotted when the ticket is from an originating station to a closer station or when the intermediate station is closer to the terminating station, or if you booked the ticket between two intermediate stations.

4. CKWL or Tatkal waiting list ticket: For tatkal tickets, the waiting list issued is CKWL. If tatkal ticket goes up, it directly gets confirmed and doesn’t go through RAC status unlike GNWL. During chart preparation, general waiting list (GNWL) is preferred over tatkal waiting list (CKWL) therefore tatkal waitlisted tickets are less likely to get confirmed.

Waiting list ticket rules:-

1. Waiting List Ticket Refund : Is waiting list ticket automatically cancelled?

You have to follow waiting list ticket rules. You have purchased an online e-ticket from official site.In this case, you won’t be allowed to board the train – neither in the reserved compartments, nor in the unreserved (general) compartments. Waiting list ticket is automatically cancelled at the time of chart preparation and the deducted money is refunded back to your bank account electronically. That’s why this is called waiting list ticket refund.

So never even try to board a train with waiting list e-tickets. If you need to travel at any cost, then purchase an unreserved ticket from the railway station and board the general compartment. If your ticket status is still a waiting ticket even after the reservation journey’s chart preparation, then this means that the ticket was not allotted any berth.

2. Boarding train possible with having a waiting list I – ticket :-

If you have purchased the ticket from a railway counter and it is in waiting list, then it doesn’t get cancelled automatically. Which means you have a valid ticket, although in the waiting list. In such cases, you are not allowed to get into the reserved compartments, but you can still travel in a general compartments.

Practically though I have seen people travelling in the sleeper class with waiting list tickets. TTE may allow any wait listed passenger to board the reserved compartment purely on humanitarian grounds. Usually they allow wait listed passengers in sleeper class, but not in AC compartments.

3. Partially Confirmation of I – ticket or RAC :-

When booking for more than 1 person, a maximum of 6 people can travel through a single ticket.

If you are travelling in a group and atleast one seat is confirmed (partially waitlisted ticket), then you are allowed to travel in the reserved compartments. The waiting list passengers may need to ‘adjust’ and it may not be a comfortable journey, but atleast you will be allowed to board the train on a reserved compartment.

So that if you want to travel with a wait listed ticket, you should keep checking your PNR status regularly and hope for the best. You can also use some online apps to predict your confirmation probability based on historical data. Moreover, you can look for other trains or modes of transport that have availability for your desired destination.

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