The Complete Step-by-Step Process for Tatkal Ticket Booking in 2024

Tatkal ticket booking

Tatkal Ticket Booking is a scheme that was introduced by the Indian Railways to help passengers needing to travel at a short notice. In case you need to travel urgently and cannot get tickets in the General quota, you can book tickets under the Tatkal quota. Tatkal ticket booking can be done for all classes except Unreserved/General Class and First AC.

Tatkal tickets can be booked online with the help of irctc website an initiative authorised by IRCTC. You can also book Tatkal tickets offline at a railway ticket counter. But going the online route can definitely save you from the long queues at the booking counters. Tatkal ticket booking time is one day before the train starts its journey from the origin station.

Process to Book Tatkal Ticket

Register as individual user on

Mobile number and email id is mandatory for registration

Login by entering your user name and password on home page of

Click on “Plan My Journey” page.

If the From/To station selected by you are correct in the route of the train then select Date of Journey.

Select Ticket Type as e-ticket.

The Advance Reservation Period (ARP) of Tatkal scheme is reduced from two days to one day excluding the day of journey from the train originating station. en Click on Submit button.

The “Train List” page appears.

Select Quota as TATKAL by click on radio button

Find the Train and click on the class in the train list then it will show the details with availability.

To book tickets, click on “Book Now” link under availability option.

If you wish to select other train, click on another train class link.

Maximum of four passengers per PNR can be booked on Tatkal e-tickets.

The Ticket Reservation page appears; check whether the train name and station names, Date of journey, Class, Quota, Boarding Point etc. displayed on the top of the page are same as desired by you.

Enter the name of passengers, age, sex and berth preference for each passenger. The maximum length of names should be restricted to 15 characters.

Senior citizen concession is not allowed in Tatkal Quota.

Click on ‘’Consider for Auto Upgradation” for automatic class upgradation after charting.Enter the verification code.

Enter the verification code

Enter the Passenger mobile number to receive the booking and cancellation free sms .

Click on Next button.

The “Payment” page appears

Please choose one of the mode of payment. Please click on the payment option

Make payment and get your e-ticket.

After successful payment and booking of accommodations, the User is shown the ticket confirmation details along with a “Print ERS” Button.

On clicking the button ERS is shown with an option to print.

Otherwise you can download IRCTC application on your mobile phone or some trustworthy online platforms for booking your tatkal tickets without much hassle.

Tatkal Ticket Booking Timings

Tatkal ticket booking can only be done one day before the train’s journey from the origin station.Tatkal ticket booking starts from 10 AM for AC classes (except First Class AC). While sleeper class tatkal booking time is 11 AM. The timings are the same for online as well as offline bookings. Hence it is advised that you should take note of the tatkal booking time table and be prepared to book your tickets 15 minutes in advance from the concerned booking tim

Tatkal Ticket Charges

For Tatkal ticket booking, there are additional charges that are levied. The additional tatkal charges vary from 10% to 30% of the basic fare. For sleeper class, it is 10% of the basic fare. For AC classes, it is 30% of the basic fare. Here are the tatkal charges per ticket:Minimum Extra Charges for Tatkal.

Second Class (sitting)- Rs.10

Sleeper Class- Rs.100

AC Chair Car Class- Rs.125

AC 3 Tier Class- Rs.300

AC 2 Tier Class- Rs.400

Executive Class- Rs.400

Maximum Extra Charges for Tatkal

Second Class (sitting)- Rs.15

Sleeper Class- Rs.200

AC Chair Car Class- Rs.225

AC 3 Tier Class- Rs.400

AC 2 Tier Class- Rs.500

Executive Class- Rs.500

Cancellation Of Tatkal Tickets

Tatkal tickets can be confirmed or waitlisted. You should keep the following things in mind while cancelling your tatkal tickets:

For confirmed tickets:

There is no refund on cancellation of confirmed Tatkal tickets.

For RAC or waitlisted tickets:

In case of RAC or waitlisted tatkal tickets, cancellation can be done until 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time of the train. However, tatkal cancellation charges apply.

No refund is issued if you cancel after 30 minutes from the scheduled departure time of the train.

If the status of previously RAC or waitlisted tickets are shown as confirmed, then they are treated just like confirmed tickets. No refund is issued on their cancellation

For Waitlisted Tickets:

For tatkal tickets where all the passengers are waitlisted even after the preparation of the final reservation chart, refund is issued after deducting clerkage charges.

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1.What is the time for tatkal booking?

Tatkal E-ticket can be booked for selected trains one day in advance excluding date of journey from the train originating station.

2.Is tatkal 24 or 48 hours?

Booking for tatkal tickets starts at least 24 hours before the desired date of travel.

3.Is Tatkal ticket always confirmed?

One of the drawbacks in booking tatkal tickets is that there is no guaranteed confirmation. Tickets are not always confirmed and they are also costly in comparison to normal train tickets.

4.What is premium Tatkal?

Premium Tatkal(PT) Scheme is a new quota introduced by the Indian Railways reserving a few seats with a dynamic fare pricing to book the train tickets

5.Can Tatkal tickets be refunded?

No refund will be granted on cancellation of confirmed Tatkal tickets. For contingent cancellation and waitlisted Tatkal ticket cancellations, charges will be deducted as per existing Railway rules.

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