Can Digital Thermometer be used in mouth? -1 Appropriate Answer

The answer to this question “Can Digital Thermometer be used in mouth?” is yes to measure body temperature.However, it is very essential to use a specifically designed digital thermometer that is labeled as an oral thermometer.

Can Digital thermometer be used in mouth?

Can Digital Thermometer be used in mouth?Or Types of Digital Thermometers:

There are two types of Thermometers genuinely.Touch, or contact, thermometers must touch the body accordingly to measure temperature. Remote, or no contact, thermometers can measure body temperature without touching the skin.

Contact Digital Thermometers that to be used in Body:

The most common kind of contact thermometer uses electronic heat sensors to record body temperature. These thermometers can be used on the forehead, mouth, armpit or rectum. Most electronic thermometers have a digital display that shows you the temperature reading.

Rectal temperatures provide the most-accurate readings for infants, especially those 3 months or younger, as well as children up to age 3. Temperatures taken from the armpit are usually the least accurate. For older children and adults, oral readings are usually accurate — as long as the mouth is closed while the thermometer is in.

Design of Digital Thermometers that to be used in Mouth:

Oral digital thermometers are designed with a longer and narrower probe compared to other types of digital thermometers. This design allows for safe and accurate temperature measurement when placed under the tongue.

Steps for using Digital Thermometer in mouth:

When using a digital thermometer in the mouth, it is essential to follow these steps for accurate results:

1.Ensure that the thermometer is clean and sanitized before use. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper cleaning and disinfection.

2.Place the tip of the thermometer under the tongue, as far back as possible, towards the root of the tongue.

3.Close your mouth and keep your lips sealed around the thermometer.

4.Hold the thermometer in place until you hear a beep or until the device indicates that the measurement is complete. This usually takes a few seconds.

5.Remove the thermometer and read the temperature displayed on the screen.

The Pros of using a Digital Thermometer :

Most of the electronic contact thermometers can record temperatures from the forehead, mouth, armpit or rectum — often in less than one minute.An electronic contact thermometer is appropriate for newborns, infants, children and adults. You can check some medical websites like for this query.

The Cons of using a Digital Thermometer in mouth:

Parents may worry about causing discomfort when taking a child’s temperature rectally.You need to wait 15 minutes after eating or drinking to take an oral temperature. Otherwise, the temperature of your food or drink might affect the thermometer reading.It can be difficult for children — or anyone who breathes through the mouth — to keep their mouths closed long enough to get an accurate oral reading.

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