10 Ways to Decorate with Artificial Flowers for Home Decoration:-

My dear visitors, Have you ever thought to make your home elegant with artificial flowers? Then here are 10 ways on artificial flowers for home decoration. Using artificial flowers to decorate home is somehow a suggestion, but you will be surprised to find that how eye-catching they look when used strategically. Either you can love or hate them, but these may be the perfect solution for your interior outlook.

Artificial flowers for home decoration

Why Buying Artificial Flowers for Home Decoration is Good One:-

Why Buying Artificial Flowers is good one

There are many reasons why artificial flowers can be a good option to real flowers for home decoration. You can consider some of these:-

  1. Choose any type of flower, anytime:- The primary reason behind using the fake flowers is that these are compatible with every season since they do not wither unlike real ones. They not only look catchy, but also they are guest ready.
  2. Can be budget-friendly:- As we know, they are artificial, they are long lasting also. Fake flowers can be cheaper than than their real ones. Some fake ones tend to be bit much costly comparative to the real ones. The material used in these flowers does not perish very soon. Despite this, these are made for long time while with your regular cleaning and proper maintenance.
  3. No allergies:- Since they are made from artificial materials, they look good on eye usually along with causing no any allergic reaction, unlike real flowers. Henceforth they are completely safe to have in the house. Faux flowers do not shed pollen as no one likes to clean up always.

On the other hand – if you prefer live plants- they are some cons of fake flowers. You can not get the fresh floral scent with a bouquet made from polymer or fabric. And moreover the fake flowers that look real most, they actually cost little more.

Varieties of Artificial Flowers:-

Varieties of Artificial Flowers

Whether it comes to buy the real ones or faux ones, the mindset is completely upon you to choose. While choosing the fake flowers, the options are limitless, but things can get overwhelming pretty quickly. The decision not only depends upon choosing the flower color or petals but also materials of respective flowers. Price fluctuates from flower to flower; so we classified the types of the artificial flowers to choose your suitable ones.

Paper Flower

Paper Flowers:- These flowers are delicate versions of real ones and have a variety of styles and colors with natural and rustic look. These are like most ‘real’ ones that can be bought from offline stores or online boutiques.

Also keep in mind that paper flowers that paper flowers aren’t durable as other types, especially if they come into contact with water. they are also eco-friendly and biodegradable.

Foam Flower

Foam Flowers:- if fake flowers are made from fine-grade or soft foam, they can be pretty and catchy. According to foam flowers, they are usually fray, less durable and crease resistant and their color never bleed onto nearby fabrics or other bouquet types. They are comparatively cheaper, often selling for just a few money as they may lose their shape or color over time.

Fabric Flowers

Fabric Flowers:- These types of flowers are made of things like cotton, felt, silk and more. Choosing these types of flowers made of different things comes down to your personal preference.

Felt are perfect for winter as its thick material makes sense with cold winter. These are used in winter bouquets.

Cotton is light, natural and rustic making it proper for summer season.

Silk Flowers:- Usually made of polyester and nylon. They They are lightweight with a smooth and shiny texture. They are less realistic and prone to fading, tearing and dust accumulation.

Wax Coated Flower

Wax-coated Flowers:- These flowers are often made of silk or polyester and coated in a layer of wax. They have a long-lasting smooth surface, and they retain their natural shape and color. Somehow these are expensive and rare to find. They may also melt and crack if exposed to high temperature and humidity.

Polymer Flowers

Polymer Flowers:- Polymer flowers are classified as real flowers and fresh touch flowers. These are made of polyether polyurethane foam, and durable and resistant to fading, water, and insects. Somehow these are more expensive.

You can buy these artificial flowers from meesho.com for your home decoration.

Ways to Decorate Home with Artificial Flowers:-

Ways to decorate home with artificial flowers

1. Choose the right container. I like shallow, wide vessels to make wide arrangements. That way you can spread it all out, which makes it look far more professional and eye-catching than a simple pitcher or vase.

2. Use the right foam – in this case, dry foam. Cut it down with a knife to fit the container, then use floral tape across the top to secure it to the container before starting your arrangement.

3. Pick your favorite flower, then cut the pieces apart if there are several on a stem. Think ahead to make sure they are cut long enough for your container. I tend to cut a bit long and trim more as needed.

4. Start with your greenery. Put bigger pieces in the top of the arrangement, on each side & a few around the bottom. Don’t completely fill it in, just give the biggest pieces a place to create structural arrangement.

5. Use your biggest flowers first. I had three different size blooms, so I cut them all apart and put the largest all around the arrangement (including the back).

6. Fill in with the smaller flowers. From biggest to smallest. Remove greenery from flowers as needed to fit your appropriate flower arrangement.Stand back and check your flower

7. Stand back and check your flower arrangements from all angles at a distance to look where you may need to adjust it.

8. Finally fill in with the greenery, both of the original kind and the filler from the flower stems.

9. Keep them clean with the help of your blow dryer for dusting or with silk flower cleaner.

10. Use succulents bouquet along with artificial flowers at home.

There are many ways to decorate home with artificial flowers. These are some of them.

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